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Difference between - Angularjs vs Node Js

Angular JS and Node.js are the two frameworks that are built to cater to the needs of the web developers. Angular JS and Node.js both use the JavaScript which is used to build interactive and features rich cross-platform web applications.

Unlike others, Angular JS and Node.js uses a technique such as AJAX, DHTML, DOM scripting and can be used interchangeably. These JavaScript are very different from each other and can be used anyone for the web application requirement and for business needs.
If it had to choose anyone from both, which one shall be more appropriate one? We will discuss such differences in this article.

Angular JS and Node.js
We’ll have a look at these Angular JS vs Node.js features, Pros & Cons as well. And the business scenarios that can work upon efficiently for the passionate developers.
Angular JS

It is an open source web application framework that is maintained and working in co-junction with the Google developers. It helps users to add dynamic views in their web application in a section known as Model-View-Whatever (MVW) architecture with components help to gain the appropriate position of a preferred framework for the interactive web applications and data-driven applications.
It works similar to a backend platform for the HTML just like Node.js.

Features of Angularjs
The Angular JS boasts some compelling features for developers and designers. And it is regarded as one of the best choices for developing web applications.
  • The framework is based on MVC design that helps to properly integrate and adapt to the web application.
  • It features data binding capability to HTML providing lot ease of access and a responsive experience.
  • It has very basic features such as directives, filters, and automatic data bindings by developers who write a lot of complex codes with simple features.

Cross-browser compatibility and mobile support
You have to implement features such cross-browser compatibility such as HTML extension in order to take care of the differences. Fortunately, Angular JS v1.3 does not have the support for IE8 so if you need the support for the particular application then you should not have the Angular JS integration.
Cross-platform hybrid or native mobile application developments are made to work by Cordova, PhoneGap integration and Trigger.io. Also, there are other responsive modules that can be put to work such as deck grid, UI a bootstrap, angular gesture that helps in responsiveness of the mobile websites.
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Angular JS architecture
It works on an MVW architecture that is capable enough to provide other patterns like Model-view-controller or Model-view-view Mode.
It consists of supporting the Direct DOM manipulation and dependency injection.
In fact,Angularjs architecture is still new and developers are figuring out what would work and what doesn’t. As there are many ways to structure an app.

AngularJS Testing
One of the brilliant bountiful features of AngularJS is the testing aspect. When the Google developers have worked with the testing in mind they make sure that the entire AngularJS framework was testable.
  • It carries out different functions with brilliant functionality for testing AngularJS code to make it use the framework. 
  • It also features coding with Karma (programming language) which makes the testing unit better. 
  • The protector to be used with the end-to-end testing and thus it makes more convenient in all operations across all channels. 
AngularJS Programming
  • It supports event-driven with functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. 
  • It allows scripting with the language like the coffee script, dart,and typescript
  • Unfortunately, it does not make use of the IDE support for field validation

Node is built to cater to the needs of users for developing scalable network applications. The Node.JS consists of everything for wiring a JavaScript. It comes into existence with JavaScript for browser compatibility along with supports any standalone application.

It features a great capability for making website well-versed unlike other codes such as Python.

Features of Node.JS
  • Node.JS is built on chrome JavaScript for running programmes faster and allowing the network applications for easy scalable use. 
  • Indeed the Node.Js is excellent for creating a web application in real time. 
  • It’s good for beginner developers, JavaScript allows you to learn the rich framework faster
  • Also, it supports streaming videos and audios 
  • JS is one of the favorite languages and more than 90% of developers are acquainted with it.

Node.js Architecture
All Node.Js is one of the best solutions which offer efficient resources and works lightning fast. Node.js uses the single-threaded loop model architecture to control the multiple concurrent clients. The main advantages of having a single threaded loop model are used for background workers.
This event-driven Node.js based platform is specifically everything that happens in Node is the reaction to an event.

Node.JS programming
Event-driven programming is enthusiastic to the students beginning to start the Node.js.  To start the Node.js programming you have to understand the basic difference between the Node.js and traditional server-side scripting such as PHP, Python as well as Ruby.
Node.js requires the need to implement everything. This can be overwhelming to new to Node.js but it pays off the highest performance web app. The scripts here handle almost all communication with the clients considerably minimizing the resources used by various applications.
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Use of Node.js
As you know Node.js is primarily non-blocking and event-driven servers and due to its “single-threaded nature”. It used generally for making traditional websites and back-end API services but was designed in real time with a push back architecture in mind. 
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Best Hosting Providers for Indian Internet startups

Are you Looking for the Best Web Hosting Providers for Indian Internet startups? In this article, you will find the Best Web Hosting that you can use to start your Internet startup business without any issue and it will help you to grow your Internet business. 

You know there are thousands of web hosting companies in India and around the globe and selecting  best hosting for your startup. Here by doing a lot of research on different web hosting, comparing  them on different parameters. I am writing this article based on my personal experience and you can select anyone of them to host your startup websites.

Below are the List of top 2 web hosting companies which will help you to host your websites without any issue.  

2 Best Web Hosting Providers for Indian Startup websites

A2 is one of the top hosting companies around the globe and If you read the different hosting review websites, you will find this in top. I have personal hosting experience with them and I recommend everyone to host their websites with them. Their Pricing, Uptime, Features are very comparative in comparison with other hosting companies.

Recently, they have started their business targeting Indian communities and they have launched a website keeping in mind of Indian customers. 

Features of A2hosting- Why you should select A2 for your startup?

  • The basic shared hosting price starts at ₹ 268.91 Per Month and you can get turbo hosting at a Price of ₹ 639.12
  • On Basic shared hosting plan you can host a single website and for turbo hosting plan you can host unlimited websites
  • The Turbo hosting plan is 20 times faster than another hosting provider
  • A2hosting provides unlimited bandwidth to its customers
  • Free SSL and SSD certificate is provided by A2
  • A2hosting provides Anytime money back guarantee service to its clients.
A2hosting also provides Reseller hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting server to its clients and it is very affordable in comparison with other hosting providers. So if you think that you need more resource for your website, then you can upgrade without any issue and the Guru Crew support service of A2hosting will help you to upgrade your hosting service.


Recently, I have come across Hostpapa and decided to research on Hostpapa to find out more about them and by doing a detailed research on different review websites and on social media. I have found out that It should be in my List and that is why I am recommending HostPapa to host your startup websites. HostPapa is affordable in comparison with A2hosting and if you think A2 is little bit costlier than you can go with HostPapa. HostPapa is the Best Hosting Provider for Indian Internet startups.

Features of HostPapa - Why you Should Select HostPapa as your Hosting Partner?
  • HostPapa has 3 different hosting plans and they are Starter, Business and Business Pro Hosting plan and the price is Rs 199 Per month(65% Discount on this plan), Rs 199 Per Month( You will get 75% discount on this plan) and Rs 699 Per month respectively.
  • Free Domain registration is provided on every hosting plans
  • You can host 2 websites on Starter hosting plan and on rest hosting plans you can host unlimited websites
  • HostPapa provides 100GB of webspace on Starter hosting plan and Unlimited webspace
  • HostPapa provides Free 120 templates that you can choose for your website if you are interested. It is just a complimentary offer by HostPapa
  • You will get an option of Single Click installation to all the popular scripts
  • Free SSL certificate is provided by HostPapa
  • On a Single Click you can install, OSCommerce Cart, Open Cart, Prestashop, AbanteCart and CubeCart, So if you are planning to start an ecommerce website then it is the addon that you need to run your ecommerce startup portal

So, Here are the List of Hosting companies that you can trust to host your startup Online business without any issue. Also let me know your feedback on this 2 hosting companies and I will update my article accordingly. 

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Best Cheap VPS Hosting Provider in 2018

Are you Looking for the Best and Cheap VPS Hosting Companies in 2018? Then this article will help you get to know about the cheap vps hosting provider which will help you to start your website or business in VPS Hosting.

In this article, I will not give you the details of 5 or 10 vps hosting company that will make your job even more tough as it will create a lots of confusion in your mind, So I am writing this article and I will provide you only 1 cheap vps hosting company that you can purchase without having 2nd thought.


Host1Plus is my recommended cheap vps hosting company. If you’re looking for perfect VPS hosting for your modern business that helps in improving the online presence. The VPS hosting featuring SSD caching, Intel Xeon processors and DNS management. It’s a solid web hosting that offers a unlimited space and traffic that gives you the possibility to try mesmerizing Host1Plus hosting plans.

Host1Plus offers a diligent flexible control for an easy upgrade for higher plans and boost heavily with the demanded resources. Host1Plus is having one of the best customer support that is available for help all day long. 

You can either choose between different server locations so that the latency decreases. Choose the server close to you. It offers location at Chicago, Los Angeles in the USA along with Sao Paulo in Brazil, Frankfurt in Germany and Johannesburg in South Africa.

With Hos1Plus you are now able to obtain a billing cycle for 3 months and for bigger discount pick the 24-month plan.

All of the VPS plans of Host1Plus offer 6 different options ranging from the basis 0/5 CPU core with powerful Intel Xenon 8-core CPU. The prices are relatively cheaper than other VPS provider which lets you try out at just $2 a month.

Later, if you feel satisfied you can invest a little to get the expensive Diamond Plans which cost around 1000$ a month. 

Let's See the Plans and Pricing of Host1Plus

Host1Plus has totally started focusing on b2b service providing them the VPS hosting service and they have updated VPS name as Virtuozzo Servers. It is Scalable, high performance Virtuozzo servers, meeting your enterprise needs.

Amber Hosting Plan
  • You can purchase this vps hosting plan at a cos of $15 Per month
  • It has 2 core CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • You will get 40GB of Disk Space
  • Bandwidth 1TB 
Bronze Hosting Plan (Most Popular Hosting plan)
  • The Hosting price starts at $21 per month
  • 2 Cores of CPU
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 60GB of Diskspace
  • 1TB of bandwidth
Silver Hosting Plan
  • The Hosting price starts at $36 per month
  • 3 CPU Cores
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120GB Diskspace
  • 1TB Bandwidth
Gold Hosting Plan
  • The Hosting price starts at $66 Per Month
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 250GB of Web Space
  • 1TB of Bandwidth
All the Host1Plus Plan includes

Features of Host1Plus VPS

Host1Plus Benefits
So, Here are the detailed information on Host1Plus the best Cheap VPS Hosting provider in 2018. Also you can read my detailed article on Best VPS Hosting, where I have provided detailed information on VPS and VPS hosting companies

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Cloudways vs Siteground - Which is the Best Cloud Hosting Providers?

If you have decided to go with either of the web hostings. Then, taking a look at our Cloudways vs Siteground review would suffice the need for the best choice for your website or blog.

In this article, I am going to compare the two best Cloud hosting provider company across the globe. Cloudways and Siteground are two most talkative hosting providers in 2018. Here, I will compare Siteground vs Cloudways on different parameters, which will help you to decide your cloud hosting partners.

These two are one of the most searched. If you have done a research and narrowed down your search that fine. If you would like to add more info to your knowledge. Read the article. Talking about the SiteGround this one has some added advantages over CloudWays. 

SiteGround has the more stable environment and the pricing is quite lower than its counterparts. But there is a situation when you need a good hosting for the heavy trafficked website. CloudWays could be the better solution then. Let’s frame the article into parts to review both the hosting on its Features, Pricing, Support, and Performance. 

The following web hosting companies are reputed among masses and best in their respective features. But there can only be one single winner. Let’s be clear in that and start the review series. 

Cloudways vs Siteground: A Technical Comparison between two Web Hosting Providers

About Cloudways and Siteground

CloudWays is one of the popular web hosting company founded in 2009 since then it offers fully managed as well as cloud-based hosting to its users. CloudWays takes pride in hosting a large website with heavy traffic flow and people searching for such host can consider this for manage administration.

SiteGround basically founded 5 years prior to Cloudways, and its popularity among all age groups. They offer premium hosting for users offering dozens of services for WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more. SiteGround has curated more than 450,000 domains registered with them. 

Domain Name
Luckily, SiteGround securely stands out from the crowd offering users with a free domain for a website when you buy the hosting from them. If you have it already it starts getting more cheaper, Currently a big leap from CloudWays. SiteGround cuts the time by half when setting up things in it. CloudWays do not provide a free domain. 

Price Comparison
As you know CloudWays offers its best support to Amazon web services as well as DigitalOcean. Thus, they are planning for more services to come and include it in their services.

CloudWays plans to differ with SiteGround plans. The plans and pricing are completely depended on the selective server and size. If you desire to start with the price for $5-$230 per month. Thereafter, if you look at the nominal plan you’ll miss out server important features. Hence, most peoples prefer to go with the $15 Cloudways plans.

In respect to that SiteGround offers attractive plans and pricing option. With just starting $3.95 per month with domain free. SiteGround make things competitive in the area of fearless and honest pricing.
If the pricing is the major factor for you then, you can find the SiteGround to be a step ahead of CloudWays.

Performance comparison

Siteground, as well as CloudWays, claims to offer 99.99% guaranteed uptimes. And, we have seen this true to out believe. Anyone looking for a strong performance with feature-rich hosting. I would definitely tell them to choose SiteGround over CloudWays. Due to top server response among top hosts, the page response time is well maintained by 300ms. 

Feature Comparison
CloudWays has its unique set of features that make it favorable for hosting large website. Following are some of the most liked features.

1. Multiple cloud infrastructure
2. Has got multiple datacenters
3. Offers Dedicated IP
4. SuperFast Processors
5. Industry grade SSD storage
6-Click installation, backup, scaling, domain mapping, SSL
7. Engage team collaboration
8. Staging area along with URL’s
9. Deploy Git
10. Best firewall protection
11. Real-time monitoring
12. SSH & SFTP access
13. Custom made Cache handlers for faster speeds
14. More than 100’s of security patch
15. If you are interested with Cloudways, you can Visit Cloudways Promo Code and get all the latest offers and discounts

SiteGround features

SiteGround is most popular among two. That’s why let's see why people consider choosing SiteGround over another hosting

1. You get a free domain name for free
2. Unlimited emails and databases
3. Comes with Full-fledged Cpanel
4. Automatic WordPress update
5. Optimised for WordPress
6. 1-click staging
7. Servers are on 3 continents so that shorter page can load faster
8. Industry graded SSD
9. Free CDN for blazing faster page loads
10. HTTP/2 enabled servers
11. Offers its custom-made SuperCacher
12. LXC-based servers
13. Fastest monitoring system 
14. Alert Spam Protection and Anti-hack system

Support Comparison
CloudWays is having one of the best ticketing systems with quick response time. With Cloudways offering a comprehensive knowledge and keen on solving queries of their customers.

Whereas, SiteGround helps its customers in a similar way offering a collection of library article from where users can take help and resolve queries. They also offer 24x7 phone support for emergency situations. In respect to that, they do have a live chat support as well.

Their live support is also extremely fast. The last but most important one would be offering SiteGround meetups in different cities.


Which web hosting Should You Choose?

In the world of hosting, I have seen people talking about features and pricing. To a certain extent, some hosting companies are right-fit for your needs. If you’re not a developer and desire to host a website then, you may end up picking the wrong host, especially for a beginner I suggest you to go for SiteGround.

SiteGround is cheap and it takes no time to set up maintain a website. With an added advantages over the free domain, support. They are popular among other hosting providers offers good customer satisfaction. With equivalent in speed, performance and anything that you look for when buying a hosting. 

Creating a Website with SiteGround is easy as it seems:-

1. You can click the link to start and gift yourself a straight 60%OFF 
2. Choose any plan you’re comfortable with. 
3. Pick a free domain of your choice and proceed to the next step. 
4. Now, you get a preinstalled setup wizard. Do your job!
5. And, get ready for brilliant hosting experience with SiteGround. 

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Phpbb vs Mybb - Which is the Best Open Source Forum Software?

Nowadays, with the ease of availability of a range of software, you might get puzzled and to choose single software becomes a complete hassle.

Especially, when you are to start your own discussion board, you merely end up choosing with free open source forum software - Phpbb and MyBB. Both of these provide free features for online interactions. In this technologically advanced era, selection between two struggling competitors like PhpBB and MyBB is not an easy task. In this article, we will discuss and compare both these software.

Phpbb vs Mybb

When it comes to building your own forum, you have to pass various hurdles. One such hurdle is to choose the best open source forum software.  There is much-talked software available in the market which is free as well as paid.

We are mostly interested here in talking about free software. We are quite familiar with the most popular software PhpBB and MyBB. Let’s take a deep analysis of these two open source forum software so, that you can decide the best among the two.

Those who have used these two community scripts might know that both of them are very old and popular. But, PhpBB marks its presence much older to MyBB. Being the oldest doesn’t define once potential to capture a good marketplace nowadays. As it can be seen that MyBB has gained a lot of popularity and became a direct competitor to Phpbb.

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Self Hosted Wordpress vs Free Wordpress - Which is the Best Blogging Solutions?

WordPress presently rule the number of blogs on the net nowadays. It’s completely free to access and they, in reality, have two assorted versions for you to get the setup with, which are WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of the WordPress which allows you to download the software program so that you can run it on your personal website as well as web hosting. 

WordPress.com is another free solution, but as an alternative of running the software program of your personal hosting and domain, you would also be running it through with their web site.

Self-hosted WordPress is somehow installed on the web host which you’ll require buying. You can also download it for free of cost from the WordPress.org or can use your host’s “one-click installer” too. If you select to download the WordPress by yourself, you’ll need to follow the instructions for WordPress’s as “famous 5-minute installation.”

Differences between Self Hosted WordPress.org vs. Free WordPress.com

The chief difference between both the two options is that one (.com) is usually hosted as the sub domain on the website of WordPress, while the other (.org) is hosted on your personal website. The software is basically the same, and also their differences are affiliated with the customization which is possible when one host the blog on your personal web space.

It's quite easy to create the account on WordPress.com and start the blogging immediately. WordPress.org needs a bit more time to set up withal you have more adaptability as well as complete control.

WordPress.org is the place of self-hosted WordPress. WordPress.com is the enterprise website.There is a built-in limitation connected with the WordPress.com free account. On the other hand, WordPress.org comes with the full control.WordPress.com paying services into the account as it will be rather more on the line with the WordPress.org outlay. 

Even though the WordPress.org is not entirely free as when you take the domain name, hosting, superior themes or plugins, it is still the better option than the WordPress.com. WordPress.org is superior in all mode as it comes with the full control. The only side of using the WordPress.org is the obligation which comes along.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress.com

  • One of the major negative parts is that you do not in your personal blog site.
  • This is firstly clear to you with the independent advertisement which WordPress places on your website.
  • In addition, you might not place your personal advertisement on your website if you are acquiring less than 25,000 people showing your page every month and even then you must share the advertising income equally with the WordPress.
  • These are the main reasons why we state that all the free service is only for the recreational hobby blogger.

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

  • There are hardly any negatives to use the self-hosted WordPress.
  • They basically center circular you having to take care of definite functions for your personal use which is usually done for you with the free of cost WordPress version
  • Among all these are updates as well as backups, although there are some of the plugins available which will look after that for your use.
  • The similar is true of spam as the free version might help but there are fabulous anti-spam plugins available for the users.
  • The self-hosted edition of the WordPress is the only earthy quality for the professional blogger
  • If you are generally blogging for fun or it is just your hobby or family, then the free of cost WordPress option will work out in a better way for you.
  • You do not even have to pay, and your blog will also look outstanding. 
  • Withal, if you think to make people from your personal blog, or even just increase your daily income, then the self-hosted Wordpress.org is preferable to the free of cost WordPress.com all time.
  • I have written about 5 best web hosting that you can use for self hosted website

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What is the cheap node js hosting solution for a node.js based dynamic website?

Today, in this article I will provide you the Best and Cheap Node Js hosting solutions provider where you can easily host your node js applications without any issue. I have analyzed and reviewed this node js web hosting providers so that you can't face any kind of issue in the future.

It is always a very difficult job to find the best web hosting service, but after reading this article, you will get to know the answer to your question What is the Cheap Node JS Hosting solutions for your Node.js Dynamic website?

I hope your search for finding Top and Cheap Node Js hosting service will end here, In this article, you will find the node js hosting service with its price, features and why you can host your Node js applications very easily

Let's See the Best and Cheap Node JS Hosting Service Providers

To provide the list of Best Node.js hosting companies, I have done the full research on node js, the Hosting company which is providing node js equipped with node js environment and the reviews of the users who use the node js

A2hosting provides one of the best, fastest and reliable Node js hosting service to its clients. A2 hosting servers are optimised for node js and it is very easy to setup node.js on their server and you can get down to your business development. A2hosting provides the high powered and performance swift server platform. You can choose turbo server which provides 20x faster than any other competing hosts. If you don't want to install or you don't have the technical expertise to, A2 hosting provides all the help that you need to install node js.