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Bigrock vs Hosting Raja - Detailed Comparison between Bigrock and Hostingraja

Bigrock and Hosting Raja is the two well known Web Hosting company in India with variety of Web Hosting features are provided by both Bigrock and Hosting raja. It's always a difficult task to decide between the 2 best web hosting company.

In this article, I will compare Bigrock and Hostingraja on different parameters and the parameters will not be difficult to understand. On many website you would have found the comparison between Bigrock and Hosting Raja, but the comparison provided on that website is too technical to understand. That's Why I have written this comparison between Bigrock and Hostingraja and it will make easy for you to decide the best Web Hosting Company in India for your Website.

Bigrock vs Hostingraja - Detailed Comparison between Bigrock & Hostingraja

I will compare Bigrock Vs Hostingraja on 15 different parameters and it will help you to decide the best Hosting solution

  • The Basic pricing of Bigrock Starts at Rs 149 Per month for a year and If you purchased for 5 Years, you can purchase Hosting at a price of Rs 99 Per Month
  • The Basic Hosting price of Hostingraja Starts at Rs 139 Per Month for a year and if you purchased for 5 years then you will get at a Rate of Rs 99 Per Month

Free Domain Name
  • Bigrock doesn't provide Free Domain Name. You can get a Discounts by using Bigrock Domain Coupon Code.
  • Hostingraja provides a Free IN Domain for user who register for Hosting service more than 2 years.

  • Bigrock provides Offers and Discounts on every occasion. Use Bigrock Hosting Coupon Code BLFREAK and Get flat 20% discount on your Hosting
  • Hostingraja also provides offers, discounts and coupon codes on every Occasion, Use Hosting raja Coupon BLOGGERFREAK and Get Flat 40% discount on your Hosting Purchase

  • Bigrock provides Domain Purchase, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting , CMS , Ecommerce Hosting , VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting , DIY Website Builder, Business Email, SSL Certificate, Sitelock and Codeguard
  • Hosting Raja provides Services such as Domain Registration, Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Number of Websites in Account
  • Bigrock has a Plan for 1 website and a Plan for Unlimited Website Hosting.
  • Hosting raja also has a plan 1 Website Hosting and for the Unlimited Website Hosting, Choose the plan as per your Need and Requirement.

  • As Per your Hosting Plan from Bigrock, you can get a Limited Web Hosting Space to the Unlimited Web Hosting Space
  • Hostingraja also provides the Limited and Unlimited Web Hosting as per your Plan

  • It is the same as Web Space, Bigrock provides Limited Bandwidth and Unlimited Bandwidth depends upon the plan you choose about
  • Hostingraja also provides Limited and Unlimited Bandwidth as per your plan

Free Data Backup

  • Bigrock doesn't provide a Specific Data Backup for your Website, But in Cpanel you can take your Data Backup any time.
  • Hostingraja also doesn't provide any data backup for website but you can take your Data Backup from your Cpanel

  • Bigrock provides 5 Email Ids Free for basic account and Unlimited Email Ids for higher plans
  • Hostingraja provides 10 Email Ids free for basic account and Unlimited Email Ids for higher plans

Shared Hosting Plans

  • Bigrock provides 4 Shared Hosting types and they are Starter, Advanced, Business and Pro.
  • Hosting Raja provides Hosting types such as Starter, Gold , Silver, Unlimited, Premium SME and Premium Corporate

Customer Support Services
  • Bigrock provides one of the best Customer Support services, you can contact then 24x7, On Live Chat or through phone number
  • Hosting Raja provides the best Customer Support and that to in a Regional Language.

Website Builder
  • Bigrock provides a Website Builder services, but it is not a Free Services
  • Except for the basic Hosting, Hosting Raja provides the Drag and Drop Site Builder

Marketing Offers
  • Bigrock Provides Rs 2500 Adword Credit
  • Hosting Raja Doesn't provide any such Marketing Offers

Money Back Guarantee
  • Bigrock provides 30 Days of Money Back Guarantee
  • Hosting Raja also provides a 30 Days of Money Back Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee
  • Bigrock and Hostingraja provides 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

I Hope you have like the Comparison between Bigrock vs Hostingraja and it helps you to decide your Hosting Partner.

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