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Fastcomet vs TMDHosting - Compare Head to Head between Fastcomet and TMDHosting

Fastcomet and TMDHosting are the two well known company in the Hosting Field. They are famous for their Web Hosting Services, Plans, Pricing and Support. Today, In this article I will compare between TMDHosting and Fastcomet on different parameters , so it will be easy for you to identify the best Web Hosting Partner for your Website.

In this Article Fastcomet vs TMDHosting I will provide the detailed comparison on different parameters. The Parameter will not be so technical to understand. The Comparison between TMDHosting vs Fastcomet will be in such a way that any Layman will understand the comparison and it will be very easy to decide and select the best Web Hosting partner between Fastcomet and TMDHosting.

Fastcomet vs TMDHosting - Detailed Comparison between Fastcomet and TMDHosting
I will Compare TMDHosting vs Fastcoment on 15 different points, where it will make easy for you to decide your Hosting Partner.

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Click Here to Visit TMDHosting to Purchase your Web Hosting


  • The price of Basic Fastcomet Hosting starts at $2.95 Per Month
  • TMDHosting price of basic hosting starts at $2.85 Per Month
Free Domain Name
  • Fastcomet provides a Free Domain Name for Life Time
  • TMDHosting also provides a Free Domain Name for Life time
  • Fastcomet provides offers and discounts on every hosting purchase,Click Here to Send Mail for Coupon Code related to Fastcomet
  • TMDHosting provides offers Click Here to get 50% discount and Use TMDHosting Coupon BLOGGERFREAK5 to get additional 5% discount on your Hosting.
  • Fastcomet provides the following services to their clients Shared Web Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Open Source Hosting, SSL Certificates
  • TMDHosting provides Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Open Source Hosting
Number of Websites in Account
  • In basic Hosting plan you can Host 1 website and in a Higher plan you can Host Unlimited Websites
  • TMDHosting provides 1 Website Hosting in its basic plan and Unlimited Website Hosting in its higher plan
Web Space
  • Fastcomet provides 35GB of SSD Web Space in its basic Hosting plan
  • TMDHosting provides Unlimited Web Hosting space to all its hosting plans
  • Fastcomet provides Unlimited Bandwidth or Traffic to all the Hosted website
  • TMDHosting also provides Unlined Bandwidth to all the Hosted websites in your account
Free Data Backup
  • Fastcomet provides Daily and Weekly backup of your Website, So no need to worry about Loosing your data
  • TMDHosting also provides a Daily Backup and restoration
  • With Fastcomet you will get Unlimited Email account
  • With TMDHosting you will also get Unlimited Email Account.
Shared Hosting Plan
  • Fastcomet provides 3 Different Hosting plans for their user and they are Single Website, Multi Website and Ecommerce Geek
  • TMDHosting provides 2 different Hosting Package and they are Amazing and Unlimited Hosting Plan
Customer Support Services
  • Fastcomet provides 24x7 Customer Support service to its clients.
  • TMDHosting also provides customer support 24x7 and they are also working on Sunday, So you need not worry about the Holiday.
Website Builder
  • Fastcomet currently doesn't provide a Free Website builder, but in their Latest Tweet it seems they will be providing Website Builder tool
  • TMDHosting provides Free Template for installation
Marketing Offers
  • Both TMDHosting and Fastcomet doesn't provide any Marketing Offers or Ad credit
Money Back Guarantee
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of Money Back Guarantee to its clients
  • TMDHosting Provides 60 Days of Money Back Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee
  • Both Fastcomet and TMDHosting provides 99.9% Uptime Guarantee to its clients
Both Fastcomet and TMDHosting is the best if you decide in between any of them. I hope, you have liked the comparison and I hope it will help you to decide your Hosting partner.

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