Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hostmetro vs Hostnine - Compare Hostmetro and Hostnine

Hostmetro vs Hostnine, In this article , I will provide you with the Detailed Comparison between Hostmetro and Hostnine. The Comparison will be done on 15 different features, that will help you to decide the best Hosting company for your website.

Hostmetro and Hostnine both are the fastest growing web hosting company and Looking to spread their footprint, In coming time Hostmetro and Hostnine will be giving tough fight to the leading Web Hosting Companies.

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Let's See the Detailed Comparison between Hostmetro vs Hostnine.

Initial Price

  • The Price of Hostmetro Starts at $2.95 Per Month for Life.
  • The Hosting Price of Hostnine starts at $3.99 Per Month
Free Domain Name
  • Hostmetro provides a Free Domain Name
  • Hostnine doesn't provide a Free Domain for its basic plan but they provide a free domain name for other hosting plans.
  • By Using Hostmetro Coupon BLOGGERFREAK and get 20% Flat discount on purchase of any Hosting Plan from Hostmetro.
  • Use Hostnine Coupon BLOGGER15FREAK and Get Flat 15% discount on Hosting purchase from Hostnine.
  • Hostmetro provides Shared Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • Hostnine provides Shared Hosting , Reseller Hosting , Dedicated and Cloud VPS Hosting services to its clients.
Website in Account
  • In Hostmetro Unlimited Domain or website can be hosted in a Single Plan
  • In Hostnine, 1 Domain can be hosted in a single plan
Disk Space
  • Hostmetro provides Unlimited Web Hosting space or disk space to all the websites hosted with them.
  • Hostnine also provides Unlimited Web Hosting
  • With Hostmetro you will get unlimited Bandwidth for all your websites hosted on a single account.
  • Hostnine provides Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Data Backups
  • Hostmetro provides a Data Backup through Cpanel software
  • Hostnine provides a Free Data Backup through cpanel
  • Hostmetro provides Unlimited Email Id , Unlimited Email Forwarders
  • Hostnine also provides Unlimited Email Id
Shared Hosting Plans
  • Hostmetro provides 2 shared hosting plans and they are Mega Max Plan and Super Max Plan
  • Hostnine provides 3 Shared Hosting plans to its clients and they are Personal, Business and Enterprise.
Customer Support Services
  • Hostmetro provides 24x7x365 Days of US Based Customer Support via Phone or Live Chat as per your wish.
  • Hostnine also provides Customer support but If you have purchased a higher plan they they provide Priority Customer Support
Website Builder
  • Hostmetro provides Free Site Builder
  • Hostnine doesn't provide a Free Website Builder tool
Marketing Offers
  • Both Hostmetro and Hostnine doesn't provides any Marketing offers
Money Back Guarantee
  • Hostmetro provides 30 Days of money back guarantee
  • Hostnine provides 45 Days of money back guarantee to its clients.

Uptime Guarantee
  • Hostmetro provides 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Hostnine also provides 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

So here is the detailed comparison between Hostmetro vs Hostnine, I hope you have enjoyed and this comparison between Hostnine and Hostmetro would have helped you to decide your Web Hosting partner.

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