Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mochahost vs Fastcomet - Who Should be your Hosting Partner?

Today, In this article I will provide you with the Comparison between the two fastest growing web hosting company Mochahost vs Fastcomet. Mochahost vs Fastcomet will help you to decide you best hosting partner if you are confused between Fastcomet and Mochahost.

Here, I will provide you with the detailed comparison between Fastcomet vs Mochahost which will help you to decide your hosting partner. The Comparison between Fastcomet and Mochahost will be done with the help of 15 Parameters that helps you to decide your Hosting company. The Comparison is totally based on information provided on their respective websites.

Mochahost vs Fastcomet - Who Should be your Hosting Partner?

The Comparison between Mochahost and Fastcomet will not be too technical to understand. Anyone who has no technical knowledge can easily understand the difference between Mochahost and Fastcomet. Read the Comparison and provide me your feedback on this.

  • The basic Pricing of Fastcomet Hosting starts at $2.95 Per Month and renewal rate will be the same
  • Mochahost basic hosting Pricing Starts at $1.95 Per Month

Free Domain Name
  • Fastcomet provides a Free Domain Name for lifetime until you have an account hosted with Fastcomet
  • Mochahost doesn't provide a Free Domain Name for its basic Hosting Package


  • Mochahost provides Shared Web Hosting, Hosting, Servers, Domain Registration and many more Open Source Hosting Services.
  • Fastcomet also provides Shared Web Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting , Dedicated Servers, Ope Source Hosting , SSL Certificates

Number of Websites in Account

  • In Fastcomet basic Hosting account you can host up to 1 Website and Unlimited Hosting in another Hosting account
  • In Mochahost basic hosting plan you can host a Single website and in a higher plans you can host unlimited websites

  • Fastcomet provides 35 GB of SSD Webspace for Basic Hosting plan and Unlimited GB of SSD space for higher hosting plan
  • Mochahost provides Unlimited Web Hosting space for its plan

  • Fastcomet provides Unlimited bandwidth
  • Mochahost also provides Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Data Backup
  • Fastcomet provides Daily and Weekly Free Data backup for your website
  • Mochahost doesn't provide Free Data backup, but you can take a free backup from Cpanel

  • With Fastcomet you can create Unlimited Email Id for your business
  • Mochahost also provides Unlimited Email Id for your business

Shared Hosting Plan
  • Fastcomet has 3 different hosting plans and they are Single Website, Multiple Website and Ecommerce Website
  • Mochahost also provides 3 Hosting plans and they are SoHo , Business and mocha hosting plan

Support Services
  • Fastcomet provides 24/7/365 Days of Customer Support
  • mochahost also provides 24/7/365 Days of Customer Support service

Website Builder
  • Fastcomet doesn't provide any Website Builder, so that you can easily create a Website
  • Mochahost provides a Free Website Builder, so it is very easy for you to create a website

Marketing Offers
  • Fastcomet doesn't provide any Free Marketing offers such as Adwords or Yahoo Ad credit
  • Mochahost also doesn't provide any free marketing offer

Money Back Guarantee
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of Money back Guarantee service to its customers
  • Mochahost provides 180 Days of money back guarantee service

Uptime Guarantee
  • Fastcomet provides 99.9% of Uptime Guarantee
  • Mochahost provides 100% of uptime guarantee

Server Location
  • Mochahost has its data centers in Chicago and California
  • Fastcomet has data center in US, Europe and in Asia

So, Here is the detailed comparison between Fastcomet and Mochahost, I hope it will help you to decide your Hosting partner.


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