Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Phpbb vs Mybb - Which is the Best Open Source Forum Software?

Nowadays, with the ease of availability of a range of software, you might get puzzled and to choose single software becomes a complete hassle.

Especially, when you are to start your own discussion board, you merely end up choosing with free open source forum software - Phpbb and MyBB. Both of these provide free features for online interactions. In this technologically advanced era, selection between two struggling competitors like PhpBB and MyBB is not an easy task. In this article, we will discuss and compare both these software.

Phpbb vs Mybb

When it comes to building your own forum, you have to pass various hurdles. One such hurdle is to choose the best open source forum software.  There is much-talked software available in the market which is free as well as paid.

We are mostly interested here in talking about free software. We are quite familiar with the most popular software PhpBB and MyBB. Let’s take a deep analysis of these two open source forum software so, that you can decide the best among the two.

Those who have used these two community scripts might know that both of them are very old and popular. But, PhpBB marks its presence much older to MyBB. Being the oldest doesn’t define once potential to capture a good marketplace nowadays. As it can be seen that MyBB has gained a lot of popularity and became a direct competitor to Phpbb.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Self Hosted Wordpress vs Free Wordpress - Which is the Best Blogging Solutions?

WordPress presently rule the number of blogs on the net nowadays. It’s completely free to access and they, in reality, have two assorted versions for you to get the setup with, which are WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of the WordPress which allows you to download the software program so that you can run it on your personal website as well as web hosting. 

WordPress.com is another free solution, but as an alternative of running the software program of your personal hosting and domain, you would also be running it through with their web site.

Self-hosted WordPress is somehow installed on the web host which you’ll require buying. You can also download it for free of cost from the WordPress.org or can use your host’s “one-click installer” too. If you select to download the WordPress by yourself, you’ll need to follow the instructions for WordPress’s as “famous 5-minute installation.”

Differences between Self Hosted WordPress.org vs. Free WordPress.com

The chief difference between both the two options is that one (.com) is usually hosted as the sub domain on the website of WordPress, while the other (.org) is hosted on your personal website. The software is basically the same, and also their differences are affiliated with the customization which is possible when one host the blog on your personal web space.

It's quite easy to create the account on WordPress.com and start the blogging immediately. WordPress.org needs a bit more time to set up withal you have more adaptability as well as complete control.

WordPress.org is the place of self-hosted WordPress. WordPress.com is the enterprise website.There is a built-in limitation connected with the WordPress.com free account. On the other hand, WordPress.org comes with the full control.WordPress.com paying services into the account as it will be rather more on the line with the WordPress.org outlay. 

Even though the WordPress.org is not entirely free as when you take the domain name, hosting, superior themes or plugins, it is still the better option than the WordPress.com. WordPress.org is superior in all mode as it comes with the full control. The only side of using the WordPress.org is the obligation which comes along.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress.com

  • One of the major negative parts is that you do not in your personal blog site.
  • This is firstly clear to you with the independent advertisement which WordPress places on your website.
  • In addition, you might not place your personal advertisement on your website if you are acquiring less than 25,000 people showing your page every month and even then you must share the advertising income equally with the WordPress.
  • These are the main reasons why we state that all the free service is only for the recreational hobby blogger.

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

  • There are hardly any negatives to use the self-hosted WordPress.
  • They basically center circular you having to take care of definite functions for your personal use which is usually done for you with the free of cost WordPress version
  • Among all these are updates as well as backups, although there are some of the plugins available which will look after that for your use.
  • The similar is true of spam as the free version might help but there are fabulous anti-spam plugins available for the users.
  • The self-hosted edition of the WordPress is the only earthy quality for the professional blogger
  • If you are generally blogging for fun or it is just your hobby or family, then the free of cost WordPress option will work out in a better way for you.
  • You do not even have to pay, and your blog will also look outstanding. 
  • Withal, if you think to make people from your personal blog, or even just increase your daily income, then the self-hosted Wordpress.org is preferable to the free of cost WordPress.com all time.
  • I have written about 5 best web hosting that you can use for self hosted website

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Saturday, 2 September 2017

What is the cheap node js hosting solution for a node.js based dynamic website?

Today, in this article I will provide you the Best and Cheap Node Js hosting solutions provider where you can easily host your node js applications without any issue. I have analyzed and reviewed this node js web hosting providers so that you can't face any kind of issue in the future.

It is always a very difficult job to find the best web hosting service, but after reading this article, you will get to know the answer to your question What is the Cheap Node JS Hosting solutions for your Node.js Dynamic website?

I hope your search for finding Top and Cheap Node Js hosting service will end here, In this article, you will find the node js hosting service with its price, features and why you can host your Node js applications very easily

Let's See the Best and Cheap Node JS Hosting Service Providers

To provide the list of Best Node.js hosting companies, I have done the full research on node js, the Hosting company which is providing node js equipped with node js environment and the reviews of the users who use the node js

A2hosting provides one of the best, fastest and reliable Node js hosting service to its clients. A2 hosting servers are optimised for node js and it is very easy to setup node.js on their server and you can get down to your business development. A2hosting provides the high powered and performance swift server platform. You can choose turbo server which provides 20x faster than any other competing hosts. If you don't want to install or you don't have the technical expertise to, A2 hosting provides all the help that you need to install node js.