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What is the cheap node js hosting solution for a node.js based dynamic website?

Today, in this article I will provide you the Best and Cheap Node Js hosting solutions provider where you can easily host your node js applications without any issue. I have analyzed and reviewed this node js web hosting providers so that you can't face any kind of issue in the future.

It is always a very difficult job to find the best web hosting service, but after reading this article, you will get to know the answer to your question What is the Cheap Node JS Hosting solutions for your Node.js Dynamic website?

I hope your search for finding Top and Cheap Node Js hosting service will end here, In this article, you will find the node js hosting service with its price, features and why you can host your Node js applications very easily

Let's See the Best and Cheap Node JS Hosting Service Providers

To provide the list of Best Node.js hosting companies, I have done the full research on node js, the Hosting company which is providing node js equipped with node js environment and the reviews of the users who use the node js

A2hosting provides one of the best, fastest and reliable Node js hosting service to its clients. A2 hosting servers are optimised for node js and it is very easy to setup node.js on their server and you can get down to your business development. A2hosting provides the high powered and performance swift server platform. You can choose turbo server which provides 20x faster than any other competing hosts. If you don't want to install or you don't have the technical expertise to, A2 hosting provides all the help that you need to install node js.

Features of A2hosting - Why it is Best and Cheap Node Js Web Hosting

  • A2hosting is one of the first company started providing Node js application hosting in their environment
  • Since, 2003, A2hosting is providing developer friendly hosting support Node js, PHP, Python with Free SSH access, from where you can install Node js(If you have a technical knowledge)
  • The Node JS hosting price of A2hosting starts at $3.92 per month
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth is provided by A2hosting
  • Free SSL and SSD is provided
  • Free SSH access is provided by A2hosting and it is very important to install node js javascript library
  • A2hosting provides all time money back guarantee service to its clients
  • Free account migration service is provided by A2hosting
  • A2hosting provides free CloudFlare CDN, that can help you to speed up your apps that use node.js by 200%
  • A2hosting provides several data centers so that you can host your website and data closest to your targeted audience

Fastcomet - Fastcomet is one of the Cheapest Way to host node.js applications and the best hosting service for Node.js websites. Fastcomet is one of the Fastest growing best web hosting company across the globe. With the 7 data centers in every continent makes a worldwide acceptable node js hosting provider. I have personal experience with Fastcomet and I love their customer support service and they have their personally decided ETA of 10 minutes to revert or update the status of the Ticket raised by the customers

Features of Fastcomet - Why it is the cheapest way to host node.js

  • Fastcomet provides one of the fast and secure node js web hosting solutions to its customers
  • The Hosting price of Fastcomet starts at $2.95 per month for 3 years hosting plans
  • Fastcomet provides friendly node.js optimised hosting environment
  • Free daily backups are provided and in a single click you can restore your full website or application
  • Fastcomet helps you with the Security Guard firewall
  • Fastcomet provides Free CDN and 5 different layers of cache, which increases the speed of your applications or websites
  • Fastcomet provides free node js Installation and upgrade in a single click
  • Free Domain and Website transfer is provided by Fastcomet, so if you want to get your website migrated on Fastcomet platform, then it can be done for free
  • The renewal rate is same as that of Purchase rate, so here you don't have to pay for the extra money during the renewal time
  • Free Domain name is provided by Fastcomet for Lifetime
  • Fastcomet provides 45 days of money back guarantee service to its clients, so if you think it is not good or they are not meeting your expectation, you can get your full money refund
  • Read my detailed Fastcomet Reviews, where I have provided why it is best web hosting service provider

So, Here is the List of Best and Cheap Node.js web hosting companies that you can select as per your hosting requirements. In the below article, I will provide you the detailed information on Node JS

What is Node.js

Node.js is the Javascript engine running inside the Google Chome which are bundled with Libraries, mainly use to Input/Output - i.e writing different files and handling network connections.Node.js is a Free and open source cross platform for server side programming that allows users to build your network applications very quickly. It is a kind of event driven programming to build scalable applications

Node js allows the developer to run their javascript on the back end and you don't need a browser to do so. Node.js interprets and execute JS i.e Javascript in the backend and use Google V8 VM. Nodejs is very highly customizable and you can customise as per your requirement

Advantages of Node.Js - How it can help you

  • Node JS is build to handle Asynchronous Input/Output and it is very helpful to remove a lot of web and network development problems.
  • Node Js is a very good when you have to do multiple tasks at the same time
  • Node js is an event based, so all the wonderful work can be done same as that of Ajax
  • It is a very fast, due to the google innovative technologies and the event loop
  • Node js is good to create real time apps, such as chats and games
  • Node js is used for creating applications for data streaming, audio and video files
  • Node JS is a community drive open source platform which has created many excellent modules to add additional capabilities to node.js applications
  • Node js is present everywhere, as you know Javascript is present in every browser and due to node.js, it is now also available on the server also.
  • Node js is very flexible both in browser or server side which can run in a similar manner

Here are the Examples where you can use Node.js
  • Single Page Apps - It is a kind of modern applications and heavy on data processing on the client side. It has a very positive response times and it eases the sharing the data between the server and client. For Such kind of Single page apps, node.js is the best options
  • Web Applications - With the help of node js you can create classic web apps on the server side, using node js to carry html and the main advantage in this regard is more seo friendly content
  • Streaming Data - If you are planning to start some straming data type web apps or file uploading in real time or file encoding while uploading you can easily create with Node js
  • Chat Apps - With the help of node js you can create lightweight realtime apps or chat apps
  • APIS - YOu can create APIs on different interfaces and exposing datasbses or web services through it. Node js helps you to create APIs without any issue.
This is only a brief information about the Use of Node.js, you can also use Node js for Proxy and System monitoring dashboards

Can node.js run in any hosting provider?

Nope, Node js canot be run on every hosting providers, you web hosting companies should have certain type of capabilities. If your hosting provider dosn't directly support node.js, then you  need to have SSH access to your server and from their you can build nod.js ad install the package on your server system. The list of Node js hosting provider above in the article, helps you with the installation of node.js

How Powerful Node js is?

By doing research, I have found the Applications which is running on Node js and I have listed here, so that you will get an Idea, How Powerful Node Js is and it helps you to create such powerful applications.
  • Netflix
  • New York Times
  • Paypal
  • Medium
  • Linkedin
  • Uber
Daily 400+ Web Applications are launched daily which are using node js as their platform

In this article, I have tried to provide detailed information on hosting server that support Node.js applications. 

Bookmark this page on Cheap node js hosting and I will keep updated on the latest news on node js applications.

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