Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Phpbb vs Mybb - Which is the Best Open Source Forum Software?

Nowadays, with the ease of availability of a range of software, you might get puzzled and to choose single software becomes a complete hassle.

Especially, when you are to start your own discussion board, you merely end up choosing with free open source forum software - Phpbb and MyBB. Both of these provide free features for online interactions. In this technologically advanced era, selection between two struggling competitors like PhpBB and MyBB is not an easy task. In this article, we will discuss and compare both these software.

Phpbb vs Mybb

When it comes to building your own forum, you have to pass various hurdles. One such hurdle is to choose the best open source forum software.  There is much-talked software available in the market which is free as well as paid.

We are mostly interested here in talking about free software. We are quite familiar with the most popular software PhpBB and MyBB. Let’s take a deep analysis of these two open source forum software so, that you can decide the best among the two.

Those who have used these two community scripts might know that both of them are very old and popular. But, PhpBB marks its presence much older to MyBB. Being the oldest doesn’t define once potential to capture a good marketplace nowadays. As it can be seen that MyBB has gained a lot of popularity and became a direct competitor to Phpbb.

Although Mybb is much talked nowadays, still there are many who can be seen trusting only Phpbb. 

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MyBB has a great potential to outshine and capture a lot of web market when we talk of simplicity. It offers user-friendly environment without the necessity of user to learn codes or plug-ins. This platform also offers well-organized admin panel, potent plug-ins, powerful spam management and convenient template edits. 

Thus, MyBB adds an edge over Phpbb and MyBB can be the best choice for you if you a newbie.

Out of all the prominent privileges, Mybb offers, still, PhpBB has the potential to rule out all. Phpbb is a very lightweight and easy to install software which is loved by many software solutions. This platform is the oldest of all has a very high reputation among all other alternatives. Phpbb offers a perfect platform for online interactions and supports MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and Postgres database engines.

MyBB does not support Oracle database engine. PhpBB platform suffices all the needs for online interactions like - mods, plugins, templates, password protected forums, sorting of posts, flood control, and private message filters. These features might encourage you to choose Phpbb. These features are easy to customize which is an add-on advantage of PhpBB. 

If you are thinking of choosing PhpBB, then stop for a while. There are many advanced features that PhpBB don’t provide you like – TrashCan forum, calendar, and Akismet plugin etc. While building your own forum, you can customize your themes and plugins with MyBB. MyBB provides a large range of free themes and plugins whereas PhpBB requires coding knowledge to create themes and plugins. You can also create premium themes by paying a small fee to MyBB.

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MyBB and PhpBB both are giving a head-on competition to each other. In my opinion, if you want software which is easy to use, you must go for MyBB. If you are quite professional and have a good knowledge of codes/plugins, then you must choose PhpBB. Both these open source forum are free to use with certain premium features. You can also purchase ad - free forum which can cost you some money to be paid on monthly basis.


In – spite of whatever be your choice, MyBB and PhpBB can provide a promising future in building your own forum. They both have been designed to cover almost all the features whether it is simplicity, cost, security or anything like that. The sophisticated design and hassle-free building of forum marked this two software a way ahead above all the other paid alternatives.

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