Top 10 Motivational Books to Read in 2021

Motivational books have become part of the library today than earlier days.

Every person, from common people to busy businessmen, hard-working professionals, artists, sportspersons, govt. officials and even politicians, everyone seeks inspiration to give their best and needs some motivation to work on a long term basis.

Motivational Books

Even the self-help books are written with the sole purpose of helping the individuals by giving instructions. The instructions are given in such a way that a person can easily follow them and it helps in solving minor or major issues relating to everyday life.

Earlier these books were called self-improvement books, but now such books come under a very popular category of self-help books and are available on Amazon.

Reading books is a good habit and it certainly has many advantages.

A good book can make an emotional bond with a person – either young or old. The books not only help in enhancing the basic language skill but it helps in expanding knowledge and vocabulary.

Inspiring & motivational books & Authors

Motivational books work like psychiatric. Such books help a person to overcome the issues relating to life, family, hardship, job, and many other problems that generally people face.

But such the best motivational books help in understanding such issues and also offer guidance in a systematic way.

Such motivational books are written by scholars, experts, motivational speakers, and even life-coach.

Most of the writers have years of experience in dealing with life at various levels and can help a person in solving his or her problem positively.

Let’s Read the Most inspiring & top motivational books in 2021

Given below is a list of the top 10 motivational books that are easily available on Amazon along with its details.

You can find the most useful motivational book for you or your family member or friend.

1. Self Motivation by John Yager

It is a motivational book available in the self-help category. The book shares various incidents in the lives of leading personalities around the world.

It offers a sense of self-belief among the people and helps to develop self-confidence among them that is most essential to be successful.

The various factors of the book also include – detailed discussion on Bhagavad Gita and its influence on human society.

This motivational book also deals with many other related topics such as life, desires, attachments, and detachments.

The book also offers discussion on various topics like personality development, secrets of success, anger management, optimism, and visualization with the help of inspiring words motivating expressions, and practical examples.

The book is written by John Yager, who has been a motivational writer. His book London Autumn is considered to be the highest-rated and read book among many other books.

Book details:

The book is published by Lotus book published in October 2007. The book is available on Amazon in various languages including English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.

Other details:

The other details of the book are available on the following link given below.

2. Believe in Yourself by Dr. Joseph Murphy

This motivational book mainly discusses the inner abilities of the mind and also about chasing your dreams courageously. The book demonstrates the power of the inner self.

Interesting episodes and increasing examples that have become a part of ordinary people as well as artists, writers, and businessmen are discussed in the book and you will find them motivational.

The book defines various ways that are useful while facing the hardship of life and defeat. The book keeps your mind on the right track. The book is the best medicine for people who lack self-confidence and people who need encouragement in life.

The book is written by Dr. Joseph Murphy who had worked in the church as a minister. The book is a collection of sermons that he gave during his service as a minister during his services at church.

The book is mainly popular for its power of the subconscious mind and the various valuable aspects that allow the mind to remain under complete control.

Book details:

The book is published by Manjul book publication House and printed in October 2014. The book is mainly available in the English language.

3. Mystic’s Musings by SadGuru

It is a motivational book by a spiritual master that is balanced with many different sessions of the mystic eye and essential wisdom.

The spiritual master offers unfathomable proportions to the readers and educates them on various important factors such as life, death, suffering, karma, rebirth, and many other aspects of life that intrigues the readers the most.

The author defines religion, morality, and spirituality in different ways – and that is not conventional. The book also gives glimpses of rising above the intellect and the superficial powers of the fountainhead.

It is the best form of guidance for people who are interested to learn more about the mysteries of life.

Sri. SadGuru has written the book in the most effective way that the readers find it interesting.

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The language used in the book is easy and simple. The book is a collection of all the questions that are asked to Sri. SadGuru by various seekers and arranged it along with the replies given in a systematic manner as per the topics.

Book Details:

The book is published by Jaico publishing house in December 2016. The book is available only in the English language

4. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

The book mainly deals with the value of money and its importance in life. According to the book, the necessity of money is not as most people assume but it’s more about how you make use of money and how you behave.

Learn to earn money is a very important factor which is related to success but managing the money in hands and investing it for the future is also part of a successful life.

If you want to overcome many issues relating to life then learn to manage your money and it will reduce half your problems.

While for the businessmen, managing the money and taking decisions relating to investment are not just decided on a spreadsheet but such decisions are needed to take on dining tables or in the board meetings.

The book deals with various aspects of money and the book offers few short stories that describe strange ways of dealing the money, savings, expenditure, and investments. It helps you to understand the power of money in human lives.

The book is written by Morgan Housel who has perfectly communicated the idea of dealing with money positively.

He offers various ways of saving money that the readers appreciate and enjoy reading the book.

Book Details:

The book is published by Jaico publishing house in September 2020. The book is written in the English language.

5. Attitude is everything – Change your attitude to change your life – by Jeff Keller

Are you feeling unhappy tired or down & out? Do you feel sad about the way your life is going on and about your unachieved dreams?

The writer Jeff Keller being a motivational speaker and coach talks about how to take control of your life and to bring out the hidden potentials positively. The book encourages and offers complete support on various issues faced.

The main three steps that are defined to be successful are – think, speak, and act. Thinking begins in the mind and it helps to change your attitude. Speaking allows you to define your goals & and make the plan.

And the acting is the actual action when you take start taking steps towards your goal instead of sitting back. The book certainly teaches a person to look at the world around them and take appropriate decisions at right time.

The book has helped several people to overcome unnecessary confusion and to make their minds stronger that helps in changing their attitude.

The book is written by well-known motivational speaker Jeff Keller. After leaving his successful carrier in the field of law, Keller had become a motivational speaker to bring changes in the people and their attitude.

Book Details:

The book was published by Collins publications in May 2015. The book is available in the English language.

6. The 5 AM Club – Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life – by Robin Sharma

Do you want to have changes in your life as quickly as possible? You can change the course of life easier if you start reading the wonderful book about getting up early in the morning.

You can transform your life and you will lead life successfully by achieving all your dreams – only if, you change your habits from the start of the day. The visionary leadership skills and the overall expertise of Robin Sharma have come out with the most perfect and revolutionary form of ideas in the book.

If you make a plan to attend the early morning session of the day then your day will start on a positive note.  The author suggests a valuable formula that can inspire people to focus on their daily activities starting from early mornings.

This technique increases self-renewal, personal achievements, and creativity. The early morning session has a huge impact on your life. It also has complete control over your mind and body that remains stronger and longer.

The book is written by Robin Sharma. He is widely considered a humanitarian having worked as a personal advisor in the field of leadership. He has several clients that include – billionaires,  superstars, and sportspersons.

Book Details:

The book is published by Jaico publishing house in December 2018. The book is written in the English language.

7. 100 inspiring stories to enrich your life by Dr. Francis Xavier

Are you feeling unhappy about your life? Do you feel that there is no light around you and you are sitting in the dark?

Then this book is especially for you because the book has several inspiring stories that will enrich your life and helps you to think in the right direction.

Most of the stories given in the book are mainly based on routine activities, self-improvement abilities, and also related to the various aspects of spirituality. The book is full of interactive thoughts, positive ideas, and quick-heal solutions.

Every story ends with a useful message and offers you encouragement that can positively lead your life. The book works as a friend for the people who find difficulties while coping with everyday life & who are looking for inspiration that can help in facing different situations.

Every story given in the book is full of motivating facts and heartfelt factors that bring a required change in the mind of a person.

The author of the book Dr. Francis Xavier is a well-known trainer and a reputed writer. He conducts training programs in India and abroad. He has written more than 15 books on various subjects.

Book Details:

The book is published by Jaico publishing house in April 2017. The book is available in the English language.

8. The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The book mainly deals with how to think positively and how to ease your mind during the most difficult situations.

The book is full of simple exercises that are easy to practice and follow. Such simple lessons help you to plan your activities and lead a successful life. It is one of the best motivational books to read in 2021

The book definitely changes the outlook of a person once he starts reading the book. The ways of positive thinking offer complete relaxation to the mind and body. The book is full of motivating quotes and exciting ideas and it creates positive vibes around you.

The book is written in an attempt to saturate your thoughts and to refresh your mind with innovative ideas and the spirit of renovation. Some of the exercises can easily help you to extend your limitations and start thinking beyond.

The book is written by an American minister and author Norman Vincent Peale. He had started a radio show called the art of living which went on to become popular among the people for about 52 years.  He has always inspired and motivated people by his shows and books.

Book Details:

The book is published by Om book international in June 2016. The book is written in the English language.

9. Unlimited power -The new science of personal achievement – by Anthony Robbins

One of the best motivational books available on Amazon and that offers essential material for developing your overall character.

Book offers you complete guidance to enhance your self-confidence and to reduce all your insecurities in life. The informative self-help exercises teach you mind-control techniques.

These techniques are useful in increasing your willpower and help you to dream bigger.

The book offers essential steps that can help you in achieving amazing success with the help of practice sessions.

The various lessons enhance your interactive skills and enrich your confidence. The book helps you to take control of your life while your career is at its prime.

The book is written by Anthony Robbins – a motivational speaker, self-help author, and life-coach. He has influenced an entire generation of people and has become the most esteemed motivator.

Book details:

The book is published by Simone and Schuster publication of the UK in January 2001. The book is available in English language only.

10. See you at the top by Zig Ziglar

The book offers electrifying information that is based on logical ways. The book is written in simple language to help any teenager to feel motivated and also it offers the most ideal facts to the professor while resolving any serious issue.

The several topics discussed in the book are mainly based on one simple basic principle of helping others. And while helping others, you will definitely achieve success and reach your goals in life.

The step-by-step instructions given in the book allow people to develop a positive mindset. The positive mindset is the most ideal for any exceptional achiever.

The book is very attractive because it is based on real-life stories, interesting incidents, and caricatures. The book teaches about the most common practices that help professionals working in different fields

The book is written by Zig Ziglar and it has so far inspired nearly 2 million people around the world in the last 25 years.

Book details:

Published by Embassy book publication and reprinted in April 2020. The book is written in English language only


The world has become smaller today and it’s moving faster too. Every person is getting busy in life and everyone wants to give his or her best to achieve the most.

The businessmen or job-holders, employer or employees, teachers or students, everyone looks for self-improvement in life. Even a husband or a wife needs some basic understanding of life and should know – how to manage social and economical problems.

The motivational books deal with various topics and offer the best of solutions to mankind as per the need and requirement.

You should get into a habit of reading a book and the book will become your friend and help you at every stage in life. The above given are the best 10 motivational books available on Amazon and you should get the best one that will defiantly change your life.