Top 10 Power Bank 20000 mAh with its Price to buy Online

Smartphones have changed human life completely. Most of the time people get busy either on mobiles, laptops, or tablets. It is found that most people do live without their mobiles. And to use these devices continuously, we need to keep them charged.  And to keep these devices charged even while traveling or even during power cuts, you need a powerful battery backup.

Best Power Bank 20000 mAh

People commonly make use of mobiles to make personal calls, to check messages, to reply to mail or to watch clips, listen to music, etc. either at home, in offices, or while traveling. And a powerful battery will help you to keep your mobiles & laptops charged quickly and fully as and when required.

If you are looking for some trustworthy backup for the battery then here is a list of leading battery backup with power banks 20000mah or more. The branded product that supports the latest technology and advanced features can be made available at your doorstep.

4 Best Powerbanks 20,000 mAh in India to Buy


The MI Powerbank 21 offers a very strong battery backup of 20000 mAh. The power bank can be used with a USB port with Micro USB inputs.

The LED display shows the amount of charge available. The adaptive measures offered during charging make sure that the devices remain in proper condition even during power fluctuations and higher temperature issues. The long charging cables are useful and allow having long-distance connections well.

The white in the colored battery is made of lithium and is compact. It is the best power bank 20000mah that can fit easily in any limited area at your home.

The battery is useful for you if you are planning to have a party the whole night or planning to go for a long drive. Your mobile battery will be full all time with MI Power bank 20000 mAh.

The micro USB has dual port input that allows you to charge smartphones at a high speed. It also offers a low charging option to charge smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

The elegant-looking MI 20000MAH power bank with a carbon fiber covering remains long durable and also the device is easy to port and easy to manage. The devices


  • Nicely designed & stylish look.
  • Charges Smartwatches & Bluetooth headsets too.
  • A dual USB port is available.


  • No User manual inside the box.


Ambrane 20000 is the most reliable power bank. It is compact with a stylish design. The black-colored device has an ion battery made of Lithium.

The battery weighs up to 450 gms and remains efficient offering more than 500 charging cycles for a long time. The battery has 2 USB ports that can work perfectly well with mobile phones.

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The company offers a 1-year warranty against any malfunction from the date of delivery.

The battery has a Micro connector and AC Adapter which is part of its design with a nicely finished sturdy design. The battery is easily portable and easy to carry in the handbags.

The horizontal battery has an LED display and also it has an emergency torch attached which is useful.

The company offers 7 days of free replacement from the date of purchase, if the product stopped working or if it is defective.

Theambrane power bank 20000mah battery offers 5V/1.5A of input and 5V/2.0A each of dual output which remains consistent.


  • A nicely designed battery having the long-lasting capacity to work.
  • The easy portable device is strong and offers countless charging cycles.
  • Gives a 1-year warranty and 7 days free replacement offer.


  • It takes time to deliver the product.

3. Realme 20000 mAh Power Bank

The realme 20000 mAh power bank has 18 W of 2-way quick charging facility.

The battery is designed with a strong build with 14 – layer charge that offers complete protection, mainly during power fluctuations and under crucial moments.

The texture of power bank 20000 is perfectly designed, remains soft but not slippery. The power bank offers services for a longer duration with high-quality output.

The battery is made of sturdy material such as ABS plastic and it weighs up to 404 gm. It uses 2-in-1 charging cables. These cables are used to charge smartphones, Smartwatch, and other compatible accessories.

The devices are charged safely with the help of 14 hours of circuit protection even during power cuts & power fluctuations. The devices can be charged for nearly 10 hours without any issue.

The realme power bank 20000mah is lightweight and portable. It can be easily transportable by carrying it in a traveler bag. The power bank is designed in a safely covered plastic box in yellow that offers complete safe & secure techniques.


  • A quick charging facility makes it highly useful.
  • 2-in 1 charging cables are easy to use,


  • The battery is available in one color only

4. Syska 20000 mAh Power Bank (Black)

The Syska 20000 mAh is one of the highly powerful power banks available in the market.

It is also called Power pro 200 & considered as the most efficient power bank that manages the power supply well.

It provides perfect solutions to all types of charging problems and makes sure that the devices can run for a longer time without causing any damages.

It offers the useful feature of IC protection and avoids short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging that can minimize the life of devices.

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The black-colored power bank is made of plastic material & it has 2 USB ports that are useful in charging various devices simultaneously.

It charges the devices with at most safety and the advantage of Syska Power Pro 200 is that it makes sure that no irreparable damages will be done to the costly devices. The battery is made of polymer cells and it is BIS certified.

The syska power bank 20000mah never goes out of power and offers approximately 10 hours of charging time.

The lightweight device is easy to use and easy to move.


  • The power bank 20000mah price is easily affordable.
  • Higher security measures make devices completely safe.


  • It offers only a 6 months warranty.

Buying guide to buying power bank 20000:

The following factors are very useful and you have to consider the points given below. It will help you to make an online purchase of the product at amazon power bank 20000mah.

Charge capacity:

It is one important point that you have to consider before you buy the power bank. The power banks have charging capacities and you have to find a suitable charging capacity.

The charging capacity will help you to know the devices that you can easily charge using the battery. You can even check for your Smartphone specifications to find out the most suitable capacity suited for your phone.

The capacity of the charge is measured in terms of mAh. The capacities of earlier mobiles were less when compared with the latest Smartphones and other advanced devices.

Power bank output charge: 

Before you buy a power bank 20000mah., You should think about the rate at which the charge is delivered. The rate of the charge affects the entire time of the charge.

The rate of the charge varies from one device to another. The USB port can pass a charge off o.5 of an amp of current while a tablet can get 2.5 amp of current.

The rate of charge needs to be faster. The faster the rate of charge, the quicker the device will be charged.

  • The power banks define the amount of current delivered. The power banks with many outlets are specified in the product description.
  • But the power banks offering more multiple outlets may not fully deliver the current when used at the same time.
  • Buy a power bank that offers a maximum output of the current and the devices connected to the power bank for charging will only handle the current as per its capacity.
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Ports available:

The number of ports available on the power bank can influence the charging of the connected devices. Earlier the power banks had only one port.

But the power banks available at present can have one or two or sometimes even more ports. Having more ports is an advantage so that you can connect more devices and start charging them simultaneously.

But the main disadvantage is that the power bank may not supply enough current to every port and it may take longer for the devices to get fully charged.

The current shared among the devices connected to various ports will slow down the charging.

Size & weight:

The size and weight of the power bank can definitely affect the usage of the power bank. If the power bank is heavier and bulky in size then you have to keep it at one place all the time while using it.

The power banks that are heavier in weight and bulky in size cannot be used while traveling. There are lightweight and compact power banks available in the market which can be easily moved and used even during the journey.

Technologies used:

The power bank batteries are manufactured using two different technologies Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer. Both the technologies have similarities in many respects yet there are few differences

  • Lithium-ion: The batteries have high power density and after using them for long, the batteries cannot be charged at all. The batteries are heavy and bigger in size. The cost is lower.
  • Lithium polymer: The batteries are strong, flexible, and durable for a long time. The batteries are lightweight and compact in size. The cost is reasonable.
  • Most power bank manufacturers specify the battery type but on the same brands, the type of batteries may not specify.

Connectors used for charging:

The output current passed by the power banks remains universally the same.

The current is passed using USB – Type-A. The USB connectors are commonly used as an interface to charge the devices.

You have to keep in mind the above-given points before you decide to buy the power bank for your home or office.

Last word:

The power bank has become more of a necessity than a luxury. The continuous usage of mobiles, laptops and other devices at home or offices requires charging.

You know how difficult life becomes when you need to charge your devices during uncertain power fluctuations and power cuts.

The power banks not only help us in keeping our mobiles and other devices fully charged but also offer timely solutions that make our lives easier.