Washing Machines – Which is the Best Washing Machine in India to Buy in 2021

Before you decide to buy a washing machine it is required to zero-in the most ideal and the best washing machine for you according to your requirements and your budget.

There are various models of the best washing machine to buy that are available in the market starting from semi-automatic models to fully automatic.

Your choice depends mainly on the load capacity of washing machines and also about top loading or front loading and the spin speed.

Best Washing Machine

Most of the branded washing machines offer a warranty that can vary depending on the type and design of the washing machine.

There are several washing machines available in the market today.  Every brand available in the market is of a different model, type and capacity.

To help you to choose the best washing machine for your home, a list of best models of the best Indian washing machines is given below for your reference. You can choose the best for you and your family.

List of best washing machines to buy in 2021

1. LG Inverter Fully Automatic Washing Machine (8 Kg)

LG inverter washing machine with a load capacity of 8 kg is most suitable for a family of 4 or 5 people. It has a set of impressive features that helps you to clean your clothes very easily.

LG is considered to be one of the best brands in the market that offers a fully automatic machine with a front-loading facility.

LG washing machine has a stainless steel drum and a built-in heater with 6 motion direct-drive motor. The top best washing machine washes the clothes gently and quickly.

The soft button panel enables you to quickly change the settings as per requirement. The washing machine has a capacity of 8 kg with a spin speed of 1200 RPM. The agitator method of the washing machine helps in using the machine effectively for a longer duration.

2. IFB Senator Aqua SX Washing Machine (8 Kg)

IFB Senator Aqua washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg washes the clothes clean and preserves the integrity of the clothes for a longer duration. The technology supports a unique way of washing clothes in a very soft and gentle way.  It restricts the full motion of a stainless steel drum.

The best washing machine for home also has an Aqua engine feature that softens the hard water and allows the clothes to clean quickly and easily.

The washing machine with the front-loading option helps in rubbing the clothes and allows water to go through the fabric easily. It helps in keeping your clothes intact for a longer time. The machine with a spin speed of 1400 RPM works well for a longer duration. The washing machine with the tumble wash method offers the best washing that you deserve.

3. Bosch Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (7 Kg)

The Bosch washing machine with 7kg of load capacity is fully automatic and offers various advanced features that make clothes washing a pleasure.

The best washing machine deals easily with a family of 4 or 5 persons. The machine also has a feature called super 15 that allows cleaning the clothes within just 15 minutes. Even it takes less time to dry the clothes. These features are highly preferred by the users.

The Bosch washing machine is considered to be one of the best in the market and highly preferred in Indian households across the country.

The compact-sized washing machine is available in various colors with a soft-touch control panel. The washing machine supports the tumble wash method and its spin speed is about 1200 RPM. The user will love the look and feel of the washing machine.

4. Samsung Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg)

Samsung the best washing machine to buy is fully automatic with a nice and sleek look. The machine is ideal for a small family and can make the clothes clean within a short duration.

Most people preferred the machine for its remarkable looks and exceptional performance. It has various options and advanced features that enable the machine to wash the garments vigilantly and softly.

The Samsung washing machine has a load capacity of 6.5 kg. The fully automatic machine is ergonomic, friendly, and consumes less power while washing the clothes.

The machine requires less maintenance. It can be used for a longer duration without any complexity. The best Indian washing machine that runs on an automatic method with a spin speed of 700 RPM is most ideal to have at home.

5. WHIRLPOOL 360degree Bloomwash Ultra Wash (7.5 Kg)

The Whirlpool washing machine automatic and it has several advanced features that insurance high-quality washing of clothes.

The machine has a set of usual friendly features such as a 360-degree bloom wash that makes the clothes shine like a new one after the wash.

The washing machine with its stainless steel drum with a load capacity of 7.5 kg is highly preferred by the families having 4 – 6 members.

The best washing machine 2021 has a power consumption of 360 Watts. The compact size machine can fit anywhere in the house easily. Whirlpool washer makes sure that the deep cleaning features keep the clothes soft even after washing.

It offers a set of 12 wash programs that can suit your clothes depending on the preferences. The machine has a slower drying time and 680 RPM. The fully automatic washing machine is easy to handle and it keeps your clothes spotlessly clean.

6. HAIER HWM58-020 Washing Machine (5.8 Kg)

The Haier washing machines that look wonderful and are available in various colors and designs are fully automatic with a top-loading facility.

The best washing machine for home works faster and not only cleans the clothes quickly but also dries them within no time. For a family of 4 people, the machine is highly suitable. It offers the perfect washing solution to you.

The Haier washing machine with a load capacity of 5.8 kg is easy to handle and takes limited space around your bathroom. The machine has 6 wash programs that suit all the washing requirements.

The machine consumes 438 Watts of power and offers 1000 RPM spin which lowers the drawing time. The machine supports the top-loading method and the stainless steel drum remains strong allowing it to be used for a longer time.

7. Panasonic Fully Automatic Washing Machine (6.5 Kg)

The Panasonic Washing machine is made of the best quality material along with stainless steel drum and other long-lasting internal parts. The washing machine is fully automatic, having a top loading facility.

The machine not only fulfills all the washing requirements but also makes clothes shiny clean within a short time. It has a compact-sized control panel with soft-touch buttons that helps in operating the machine easily.

Panasonic the best washing machine to buy offers the best washing features that help in cleaning the clothes without rubbing or quizzing. It also has a sazanami drum that allows Aqua spin rinse option while washing the clothes.

The machine saves power and can also be run using the auto-restart option during power cuts. The washing machine is highly preferred by most people and even considered as the best gift item for dear-ones.

Best Washing machine buying guide in 2021

While buying the best washing machine you have to consider many points and understand the features of the washing machine clearly. Some of the main features of the washing machine are discussed below:

Type of washing machines:

  • Semi-automatic washing machine

The washing machines have two tubs. One tub is used for washing and another one is for drying. You have to manually transfer the clothes into the dryer after washing them.


  • Limited water can be used
  • Low-cost machines
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  • Manually clothes need to put into dryer after washing
  • High maintenance
  • Fully automatic washing machine:

The best washing machine deals with various processes one after another. These processes are getting water, washing clothes, spinning, and drying clothes automatically on its own with a touch of a button.

It has a single tub for washing and drying.  The best Indian washing machine is attached to inlet and outlet pipes. Water is passed till the required level is reached. After the washing is over the used water is passed out before drying the clothes.


  • The best washing machine 2021 has a soft-touch panel.
  • Hard water can be converted into soft while washing the clothes


  • The best washing machine for home is slightly expensive
  • Needs to have proper piping and power connection

Type of loads in Washing Machine

  • The top load washing machine:

The clothes get loaded into the washing machine drum from the top. Mostly in India, the people prefer top-loading washing machines. The top best washing machine offers better quality washing services. Top loading machines can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic.


  • Highly economical & useful
  • Automatic & semi-automatic washing machines are available.


  • Higher but reasonable price
  • Fewer washing programs
  • Front loading washing machine:

The front-load washing machine uses advanced technology. Front-load washing machines are fully automatic. Clothes can be loaded into the drum of the washing machine from the front side.

The best washing machine for home also offers facilities like timer, hot water supply, and also 30 useful wash programs. The people of western countries prefer front load washing machines.


  • Highly advanced and easy to manage
  • 30 washing in-built programs


  • Runs for a longer duration
  • Semi-automatic machine is not available
  1. Washing machine capacity:

The capacity of the best washing machine in 2021 depends on the number of people in the family. The capacity is calculated in terms of kilograms. In order to wash the clothes below the capacity, you should fill three-fourth of the drum only.

  1. The material used for the drum:

Mostly the washing machine drums are made of stainless steel. The drums made of plastic are also available but the drums made of steel are stronger and rust-free.

  1. Anti-noise & anti-vibration

The major problem that you face with the best washing machine in 2021 is the noise as well as vibration while using the machine. Sure that the washing machine runs on anti-noise and anti-vibration technology. The VRT technology makes use of noise-sensitive light sleepers the noise level at the lowest.

  1. Hard water option:

The main problem that we face in India is hard water. The soap and detergents do not dissolve in the hard water completely and it cannot clean the clothes well.

Also, the salt gets stuck around the drum and in the pipes. The hard water option used in the washing machines eliminates the dirt cleanly despite hard water. The technology converts hard water into soft water while using it while washing.

  1. Wash settings:

The best washing machine came with readymade programs. More wash programs allow better options to use the washing machine. It depends on the type of clothes and required time. You can also set the limit for water required and the timer using the soft-touch control panel.

  1. Warranty:

Warranty plays an important role while you decide to buy a washing machine. Most of the brand companies offer warranties against any manufacturing defects. The warranty starts from the date of purchase.

You can choose the best washing machine for India, according to specific features, requirements, and your budget.

 Conclusion on Washing Machine to buy in India:

The washing machine has become a need of today and not just a luxury. The various models, styles, and designs of the washing machines have nearly conquered the consumer market over many other household appliances.

The best washing machine works efficiently, fits easily into a limited place, and saves power, water, and all your efforts. The above-given list will definitely help you to choose the most appropriate washing machine for your home.