10 Stylish & Perfectly Balanced Classical Watches on Amazon

10 Stylish & Perfectly Balanced Classical Watches on Amazon

The people today do not wear watches to keep just the track of the time but watches define the style statement.

People compliment a person by looking at the watch that he wears for his taste and his unique penchant.

The digital and Analog both the types of watches are available in plenty of categories on Amazon and are designed in multiple ways using various colors, styles, and materials. 

The watch can be used for its multi-functionalities too.  It can work as a Calendar, alarm clock, timer, and even be used to check the heartbeats. 

10 best classical watches available on Amazon.

The best watches given in the list below are for you to find the most suitable watch that fits your requirements and budget. 

The detailed information can be found below about a list of branded watches along with their prominent features.



The signature look of Timex watches that features the stylish brand has become highly popular around the world. Timex watches strike a perfect balance with a casual look and refined style.


₹2,636.00 ₹3,295.00

A nicely designed leather strap with a polished texture always grabs the attention in the first instance.

  • Strap with Buckle Clasp:

The strap in a shade of jet black has a small but easily managed clasp. It helps in keeping the watch tight around the wrist for a longer time.

  • Design:

The Timex watch with its elegant look and designs complements most western or Indian outfits so well. You can wear a shirt or jacket along with jeans or shorts. 

The watch is one of the low-priced but high-quality products that are available on Amazon with a lot many choices & designs. The Quartz movement & the black colored dial offer the best combination.

The Timex watch can be a perfect gift item that you wish to present to your family members or friends. The water-proof watch is in eye-catching brown color and there is a warranty of 1-year on the product.


Citizen Automatic Men’s Watch – NH8354-58A

Most women like the look and feel of this watch & they prefer to buy this elegant timepiece for their husbands. The brand watch is made up of sturdy stainless steel material that looks manly.

  • Strong Metallic support

The branded watch is vintage mechanical having a white dial and automatic movement.  The watch remains stronger with the metallic support it has and remains unscratched even after long usage.

  • Design:

The Citizen watch with an analog display looks elegant. The various colored stainless steel straps look elegant.

The watch looks awesome on hard-working hands and it is ideal for the people who carry rough work for a longer time.

The citizen watch is available at a reasonable price with a 1-year warranty and it is water-proof. With its wonderful look and powerful make, it can be an ideal gift for the suitable men around you. 


Seiko Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-SRPG29K1

Seiko means exquisite, this name is a Japanese businessman Kintaro Hattori started manufacturing clocks in 1892.

Today the company has become one of the most successful watch companies around the world with technological excellence. Seiko watches are full of refined designs & excellent quality.

  • Crystal Material Used

The silver-colored analog watch is made of strong metal. The round-shaped white dial is mainly made up of crystal material.  It remains burly for a longer duration.

  • Design:

The Seiko watch is available in various suitable designs in various categories and especially for men. The watch not only displays accurate time but it also fits so well on the wrists without any hitch.

Seiko watches have become world-class in quality and reliability.  The Seiko watches have offered its services during the Olympic Games by doing timekeeping during various games & events.


Guess Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch – W0366G4

The branded watch was first introduced by the Marciano brothers in the year 1991. The exclusive collection of GUESS watches ranges from simplistic designs to sporty and daring looks. 

Even creative designs and versatile looks in various ladies’ fashion luxury watches have also become a part of the collection.

The watches are made with intricate details with the use of crystals.

  • Blue Colored Watch:

The GUESS watch is crafted in a round-shaped blue dial and is designed in blue color only.  It is made up of shiny, strong stainless steel material that suits all the different occasions well.

  • Design:

The watch looks more like a luxurious item because of its colorful look and delicate design. The sophisticated blue-colored watch gets all attention.

It can be the best gift that you can give to your friends. The watch is waterproof with a 2-year warranty.


Giordano Analog Mens’ Watch

The beautiful-looking stylish watch easily grabs attention. The highly famous brand Giordano offers the designer watch which is automatic and of a brownish color.

Giordano Analog Mens’ Watch

₹6,907 ₹13,995
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  • Round Black Dial:

The Giordano watch with a round black dial and with a brownish band made of leather material looks elegant on the wrist and can go well with any outfit either for work or for a party.

  • Design:

The watch is different from many other watches because of its multi-functionality. It has a mechanical movement and it runs mainly on the battery. 

The watch remains waterproof with a 2-year warranty.


Tissot Men’s Stainless Steel Swiss Quartz Watch

The elegant-looking watch gives the Swiss movement feel and bracelet-type strap that fits very well around the wrist. 

The watch is available on Amazon in various categories, sizes, and designs at a reasonable price.

  • Most Modern Timepiece

The Tissot watch is the most modern timepiece that fits well with the wardrobe. The stylish watch offers you an elegant look on a grey-colored background along with analog luminescent hands and a dial.

  • Design:

The quartz movement with a stainless steel body makes the watch look outstanding.  The appearance of the watch easily fits the changing environment.

The waterproof watch offers a 1-year warranty which is subjected to the terms and conditions.


Kenneth Cole Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch-KCWGO2104904MN

The most attractive look of Kenneth Cole’s watch certainly gives you a dapper look. The lightweight designer watch looks rich and fabulous while you flaunt it during a party.

  • Metal Round Dial

The stylish Kenneth Cole watch brings a positive change to the surroundings with its metallic look. The round brown dial and the brownish band complement each other well.

  • Design:

The watch is perfectly designed by keeping in mind the latest trends and the changing fashion.

Once the lightweight watch gets over the wrists then it remains rightly wrapped for long.  The waterproof feature and 2-year warranty make it a perfect deal.


Citizen Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch-AW1570-87H

The watch is a perfect combination of technology and beauty. The watch speaks a lot about your taste and your preference when you wear it either for work or vacation.

  • Eco-Drive Technology

The analog quartz Citizen watch is one of the revolutionary watches that work on a light source. Converting artificial and natural light into power with the help of Eco-drive technology.

  • Design:

The watches are available in various dial shapes such as round, square, oval, and rectangular and the straps are made up of stainless steel, leather, and silicone. 

The watch is completely water-resistant and the company offers a 1-year international warranty on purchase.


Helix AnalogHelix Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch-TW00ZR188

The brand reflexes most modern styles and aspirations of today’s youth. The watch allows people to celebrate their passion and spirit with a sense of style. It also offers many different designs and style that gets noticed fast.

  • Crystal Material used

The watch looks amazing and fits perfectly well on the wrist. The entire design of the watch is made of thick crystal material. The watches are designed in various designs that suit different categories of people.

  • Design:

The Helix watch with a round-shaped silver-colored dial along with brown colored leather band looks awesome and goes well with either a formal or casual dress.

The analog watch having quartz movement offers a perfect time throughout the day.

The Helix Analogue watch offers a 1-year warranty on purchase and it remains completely water-resistant.


Casio Enticer Chronograph Men’s Watch – MTP-1374L-1AVDF(A834)

Casio digital watches are stylish watches with the most advanced appearance and design. The watch can grab all attention when you wear it during a casual walk across the park or during a meeting or seminar.

  • Time, Date & Day

It’s an amazing watch made of leather material. The small-sized dial along with soft-touch buttons looks great and works well. The dial is divided and it shows the time and date along with the day.

  • Design:

The Casio Enticer watch is light in weight and fits perfectly on the wrist. It entices attention all-around easily. It remains sturdy during the extreme climatic season.

The black-colored digital multi-dial watch is versatile and waterproof. It also offers a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.


A watch is not just a necessity but it has become a luxury too. A perfect watch can bring change your personality completely. The watches are available on Amazon in different categories.

Every category of the watch is highly branded and designed in various styles, colors, looks, and appearances. 

Most of the watches are water-proof and offer a warranty depending on the product and the terms and conditions of the various brands.

The above-given list shows some of the most popular Men’s watches available at a reasonable price with a warranty.  You can choose the best and the most suitable watch for yourself or your family and friends.

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